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FK UII Expand Open Day Expo 2017

Some of Senior High School students having a conversation with student of FK UII. Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII – Open Day Expo (Odiex), is an annual event organized by the Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) to promote the faculties at UII. Do not want to miss, Faculty of Medicine UII also took part in […]

Bersama BKKBN, FK Selenggarakan Seminar CTU – Pre Service

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. Yogyakarta, FK UII – menanggulangi masalah pertumbuhan penduduk yang sangat tinggi di Indonesia, Fakultas Kedokteran UII bekerjasama dengan BKKBN menggelar Seminar CTU […]

Share Your Knowledge, For a Better Generation

dr. Dimas Satya Hendarta (left) was giving an explanation to the students of SDIT Nurul Alam Islam regarding the function of the heart in humans, using props that look like the original form. Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII – As the oldest colleges in Indonesia, currently Indonesia Islamic University (UII) has reached its heyday as […]

Explore Medical World, Expand Knowledge

Some members of Marcom Students (Marketing Comunication) ready to serve in the event MEDEX (Medical Expo) 2017 Faculty of Medicine UII Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII – As in previous years, Student Executive Institute (LEM) Faculty of Medicine UII held Medical Expo (Medex) again. This activity is intended for Senior High School (SMA) in DIY-Central […]

Build a Good Partnership with BPJS KC Surakarta

Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII –Expanding the relationship between fellow, is one of the behaviors that are strongly encouraged in Islam. Because in the relationship, there are many benefits that can be obtained, such as familiarize the relationship between human beings and expand sustenance. Therefore, on Thursday, Muharram 22nd, 1439 H / October 12nd, 2017 […]

The Easiest Way to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Yogyakarta, Faculty of medicine UII – In addition to factories and hospitals, laboratory also became one of the places that produced waste. After carrying out practical in the laboratory, the waste becomes a problem that must be addressed in a laboratory. After carrying out practical, students and professors are not infrequently encountered various waste, ranging […]

Forensic Building Inauguration

Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII – Building Forensics Bhayangkara Police Hospital Yogyakarta was completed on 14th of Muharram 1439 / 04th October 2017 has been unveiled by Kapolda DIY. The inauguration event was held at 9.00 am – 1.00 pm at the Bhayangkara Hospital environment. The event was attended by members and officers of the […]

Cooperation between FK UII and BPJS KC Magelang

Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII – Faculty of Medicine UII partnership with the social security governing body (BPJS) KC Magelang on Tuesday, Muharram 13th, 1439 H/ October 03rd, 2017 in Magelang. Partnership practice for a student internship doctor UII FK young or popularity as known as co-ass. This partnership signed by representatives of both parties, […]