Build a Good Partnership with BPJS KC Surakarta

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Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII –Expanding the relationship between fellow, is one of the behaviors that are strongly encouraged in Islam. Because in the relationship, there are many benefits that can be obtained, such as familiarize the relationship between human beings and expand sustenance. Therefore, on Thursday, Muharram 22nd, 1439 H / October 12nd, 2017 Faculty of Medicine UII went to the office of Social Security Administering Agency (BPJS) KC Surakarta.
In addition to stay in touch, FK UII intends to invite BPJS Branch Office (KC) Surakarta establish practical cooperation for students and apprentices of young doctors or popular term co-ass. This event was attended by 4 representatives from FKUII, dr. Nur Aisyah Jamil, M.Sc., dr. Pariawan Luthfi Ghazali, M.Kes., Dr. Sunarto, dr. Sani Rachman Soleman, M.Sc. and Syukriyani Rochmawati. Their presence was welcomed by Khoirur Rosidi as head of the field of participation and service participants BPJS KC Surakarta
This cooperation is expected to develop and improve the quality of secondary education education clinic doctors in the BPJS KC. Because the students are able to learn directly in the relevant institutions, here they can carry out the practice directly in field. Although within not too long a time, but dingkat is considered effective for absorbing new science from off campus. In a couple time, staff of Faculty of medicine will be regularly evaluation once a year. This evaluation so that the co-ass graduates FK UII who participate in studying BPJS KC Magelang can be a professional youth doctor and being nice to everyone.Farah