Welcome to the campus of the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Islam Indonesia, the campus of the struggle of prospective doctors to acquire provisions in fulfilling competence as "A Good Muslim Doctor".
FM UII is determined to provide the best learning process and a conducive atmosphere for the comfort of the academic community, both students, lecturers, tutors and staff. As well as establishing communication with all external parties, from alumni, alumni service users and the community. With Catur Dharma (Education, Research, Community Service and Da'wah) FM UII can realize the vision of Rahmatan lil a'alamin

One of the Best FK in Indonesia

FK UII is accredited "SUPERIENCE" for the Medical Study Program and the Doctor Profession Study Program

The Endless Tradition of Achievement

During 2017-2021, 80 award-winning achievements at the national level and 25 award-winning achievements at the international level were achieved by FM UII

Agenda of activities

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