Explore Medical World, Expand Knowledge

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Some members of Marcom Students (Marketing Comunication) ready to serve in the event MEDEX (Medical Expo) 2017 Faculty of Medicine UII
Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII – As in previous years, Student Executive Institute (LEM) Faculty of Medicine UII held Medical Expo (Medex) again. This activity is intended for Senior High School (SMA) in DIY-Central Java and surrounding areas. In addition, this activity aimed to introduce the world of medicine, especially how to become a medical student. This activity was held on Sunday, Shafar 25th, 1439 H/October 15th, 2017 at the Building of Public Lecture Prof. Sardjito, with a peseta of approximately 200 people. Medex this year took place with a very festive thanks to the presence of 2 gup band from the city of gudeg, namely Midsummer Mango and Illona ATSP.
This activity begins with a series of talkshows with experienced resource persons in the field. This talk show presents discussions about skin diseases, as well as various car to treat the skin, so as not to catch dangerous diseases that can attack anytime. In addition, participants can also visit several stands owned by students and Marcom (Marketing Comucation) FK UII which displays the results of his unit’s works.
Alternately, the participants were also invited to tour the entire laboratory of UII Medical Faculty consisting of physiology laboratory, parasitology, microbiology, biochemistry, histology, clinical pantology, and Anatomy laboratory. Lab. Anatomy is a laboratory in the most eagerly awaited, because in it is held simulation of medical skill by UII Medical Faculty students. There is also a cadaver / corpse preserved. Though it sounds a little dreadful, the existence of cadaver is even a special attraction for the participants. Upon entering the Lab. Anatomy, participants gain many unforgettable new experiences. They can also learn how it feels to be a medical student.Farah