Hubungan Motivasi dan Status Gizi Pasien Gagal Ginjal Kronik yang Menjalani Hemodialisa Rutin di RS PKU Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

Abstract: Chronic renal failure is a trouble of renal function progressively and irreversible. The medical treatment for this diseases is hemodialisa, if the medical treatment using conservative treatment is not effective anymore to hold the life. However, hemodialysis has no effect, the often problem rose is the high of malnutrition rank, which caused the increase of morbidities and mortalities. Therefore, motivation has significant effect to the sufferer. It is hoped that high motivation, chronic renal failure sufferer has good nutritious status. The objective of the research is to know the relationship of motivation toward the nutritious status of chronic renal failure patients with regularly hemodialysis treatment in PKU Muhammadiya Hospital, Yogyakarta. This research is using cross sectional. The data of the research is the patients of chronic renal failure which is regularly doing hemodialysis in PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital, Yogyakarta. The determination of research subject is using non probability sampling, where every patient which fulfills the criteria included as research subject. Based on those criteria’s is got the research subject as 50 patients. The measure their height and weight, to get how many of body duration index (IMT). Knowing someone IMT, is known how the nutritious status is. While to value the motivation, is done with using Treatment self‐ Regulation Question (TSRQ). To know the relation of motivation to the victim of the patients, we use statistically data analysis with chi square test. Based on the assessment gotten from the motivation measurement and IMT, is gotten that from 50 research’s subject are 24 patients which has high motivation. From 24 patients, there are 17 with the well nutritious status (70, 8%), and 7 patients with bad nutritious status (29,2). While the subject who has low motivation is 26 patients, where 12 patients (46%) are with good nutritious status, and 14 patients (54%) bad nutritious status. Using chi square test is got significant score 0,07 (p=0,07). There is no significant relation both of the variables. The patients who has high motivation is not definitely having good nutritious status, on the contrary the patient who has low motivation is not definitely having good nutritious status.
Keywords: Motivation, nutrition status, chronic renal failure, hemodialysis

Penulis: Utami Sulistyo Ningsih, Niarna Lusi, Titik Kuntari

Published on : JKKI Volume 1, Nomor 2, Juli 2009