Correlation between Depression Score with Blood Sugar Level

 Correlation between Depression Score with Blood Sugar Level and Total Cholesterol Level in Depression Patients of Grhasia Hospital
Background: Depression is a big  problem that has medical, social, and economic consequences. This cause suffering for patients and their family, make the medical condition worse and need expensive support system. Prevalence of depression in Indonesian society is quite high, ranging from 5-10%, two times more women than men, and this will increase by approximately 5-10% per year. The condition of depression will increase the incidence of metabolic syndrome in the form of insulin resistance and increased serum lipid profile.

Objective: This study aims to determine the correlation between scores of depression with levels of blood sugar and total cholesterol levels in people with depression in Yogyakarta Grhasia hospital.

Methods: Population study are depression patients in RS.Grhasia DIY. Sampling is done in consecutive sampling performed on inpatients and roads in by tracing the secondary data through medical records on patients with depression, primary data on blood glucose (GDS) and total cholesterol blood. The variables used are patients of depression, GDS, Total blood cholesterol. Analityc methode using analytic correlatic research method with samples (n = 17).

Results: The results of correlation between  depression score with sugar level is not significant (p = 0.088, r =  0.391). Neither is the results of correlation between depression and total blood cholesterol with p = 0884, r = -0.035.

Conclusion: There is no correlation between depression score between GDS level and total blood cholesterol levels.
Keywords: depression score – blood sugar levels – cholesterol levels