Fire Safety Workshop

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Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII – Having health and safety are some crucial thing for employees when they were did their job. Therefore, last month the Faculty of medicine UII hold a workshop of health and safety in the laboratory.
This successful event was on Saturday, Dzulhijah 25th, 1438 H / September 16th, 2017 at the Laboratory of Histology.In an activity that lasted for approximately 6 hours the Faculty of Medicine UII invites one of the experts from the Lab. Eijkman, she is Indah Delima. Eijkman is a government research institute which is engaged in molecular biology and medical biotechnology. This institution is shelter under the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Technology.Eijkman is a Government Research Institute which is engaged in the field of molecular biology and biotechnology in medicine. This agency is under the Ministry of higher education, research and technology.
The participants gets some material that become the main discussion. First, Indah Delima convey how to identification and control of hazards in the laboratory group. When the time in the lab, the first thing to be aware of applicable tools self-protection (APD). Choosing the right APD, can be very helpful in when started working in the laboratory. As one of them using gloves latex/rubber glove selection, this is useful to protect the hands from the the chemicals directly. In a lab practical, not allowed to use cloth gloves because it can absorb liquid chemical substances that cause scratchy hands, allergic and blister.
She also delivered a material about the ergonomic laboratory and personal protective equipment as well as laboratory safety plans and procedures work accident Handling in the laboratory. HSE aims to avoid, reduce, even nullifying the risk of accidents that can happen only when the time Chart in the laboratory.