Charity Program in Pandak Bantul


Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII –Eid Adha is a highly awaited day by Muslims all over the world. To celebrate Eid Adha of the year, Faculty of Medicine UII was held a social service in Hamlet Pandak, Wijrejo, Pandak, Bantul on 09th Dzulhijah 1438 .Together with Pandak health center, Faculty of Medicine wants to share with the less fortunate people in Pandak.

This event took place with great fanfare preceded the performance of the Pandak’s hadroh. In addition dr. Edi Fitrianto, M. Gizi., also provides health education to the society, especially for the elderly. He also delivered a few tips to stay healthy. One of them are keeping the intake of nutrients everyday. Because, the food we eat are very influential body for health. Good foods for a good life.

In addition to increase public awareness of environmental hygiene will be around, held the race hygiene between RT which starts in a few days before the event be held. When the assessment process, the jury almost confused to determine the winner because the thin skore difference. Even after the total value calculated, there are 2 RT have equal value. However, there is still only one lucky winner who gets a prize of cash of Rp.700.000, 00 that is RT 01.

Together with the doctors of the Faculty of Medicine UII, dr. Kuntari Point, MPH, dr. Novyan Lusiyana, M.Sc, dr. Edi Fitrianto, M. Gizi., and dr. Alifa held a medical examination. Examination of the health that is done is the measurement of blood pressure and blood pressure, and uric acid. Along with health checks, residents can also redeem the coupons that have been distributed to the low-cost grocery market that also enliven the series of events.