Basic Emergency Medical Support Training

pelatiha karyawan

Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII –Emergency training basically is one of health care’s efforts to improve the efforts developed countermeasures sufferers emergency both in everyday circumstances or in case of a disaster. The State of emergency could happen anytime, to anyone and anywhere. These conditions demand the readiness of health workers to anticipate these events.

This activity was held on 26-27 1438 Dzulhijah H/18-19 September 2017 at Auditorium of UII Medical Faculty floor 1st, Clinic Department Session Room and old 4th floor OSCE room. This event brings the theme of “Basic Life Support”. In accordance with the themes that carried, this activity conveys a wide range of materials to meet the participants ability which is the employee educational Faculty of medicine UII as non medical personnel in medical education in order to better responds to solve an accident in the environment. This is very beneficial for the participants, moreover the location of UII campus located on the slopes of Mount Merapi is very vulnerable to the coming of nature, especially the volcano erupted.

Together with doctors from the Faculty of Medicine UGM and lecturers of the Faculty of Medicine UII, students get various materials that are very useful such as Basic Life Support and Heart Stop and Heart Resuscitation. Heart Resuscitation or better known as CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is actually a very important first aid when a person is no longer breathing but his heart is still beating, although not constant, such a condition is called clinical death. A quick and precise CPR handling may help a person / patient regain breathing before biological death. Therefore, in this activity also takes the basic medical skills and post test to know how far the participants understand the material has been delivered. In addition, evacuation and transportation simulations are also carried out. Because medical personnel are not always placed in hospitals in urban areas with complete facilities and transportation. So they are taught how to make an emergency stretcher by utilizing the existing tools in the environment.

The purpose of this event is to expand the basic medical skills of UII medical students to be more skilled in emergency handling and quick response if necessary at any time to assist victims in the surrounding environment.