FM UII Students Studied in Taiwan

summer program asia university 2018

FM UII students participating in the “Summer 2018 Program: Healthy Aging and Anti-Aging” took pictures with the certificate obtained after completing all activities at the Collage of Medical and Health Science Asia University, Taiwan.

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   TAIWAN (Ath-Thib) – Five students of batch 2015 Faculty of Medicine Universitas Islam Indonesia (FM UII), namely: Rafik Prabowo, Farida Rahmatika, Asyam Syafiq Hasbullah, Afief Mulyawijaya, Finandanisa Amani had the opportunity to participate in the “Summer Program2018: Healthy Aging and Anti -Aging” at the College of Medical and Health Science Asia University, Taiwan for 2 weeks from 23 July to 3 August 2018.

Asia University, located in Wufeng District, Taichung, Taiwan, is one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in Taiwan. Asia University won many achievements in the field of research and is known to have excellence in the education process. The university is also one of the educational destinations that many foreign students are attracted to. One of the advantages is that there is a modern dormitory facility for students from abroad. The College of Medical and Health Sciences itself was established in 2005 with its initial name as the College of Health.

“During this summer program, we attended various learning activities such as lectures, lab work, and discussion and exchanging ideas and thoughts from the great experts. This event was also attended by students from other countries in the world and some of our neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, India with different schedules,” explained Rafik Prabowo, one of the students participating in the summer program.

Totally, there are 36 hours of lessons to be taken during this summer program, including: Introduction to Campus and Courses, Lifestyle in Aging, Anti-Aging Diet, Aging Gene and Molecular Biology, Psychology of Aging, Geriatrics Care (Geriatric Rehabilitation, Long Term Care), Age-Related Vision Loss and Prevention, Age-Related Hearing Loss and Prevention, Health Promotion Activities for Successful Aging, Animal Companionship for the Elderly, and Summary.

The existence of Asia University Summer Program 2018 truly made the campus as a home for international students from all over the world and provided a challenging academic experience with a balanced menu of educational and social activities so that participants will have a truly transformative learning experience. We pray that someday FM UII can also organize these global programs, Amen. (dsh/Tri)