FM UII Got the National First Place of Educational Video Competition in Makassar


The FM UII delegation consisting of Alif Mulyana, Naufal Abdurrahman, and Alfian Novanda Yosanto posed with the First Trophy of Educational Video HSF 2018.


   MAKASSAR (Ath-Thib) – The Faculty of Medicine of Universitas Islam Indonesia (FM UII) once again engraved an achievement on the national level. This time, the FM UII delegation consisting of Alif Mulyana, Naufal Abdurrahman, and Alfian Novanda Yosanto, won the 1st place in the Hasanuddin Scientific Fair (HSF) 2018 Educational Video Competition which was held on March 23-25 ​​2018 at Faculty of Medicine Hasanuddin University (FM UNHAS), Makassar, South Sulawesi.

HSF 2018 is the biggest annual scientific event in the eastern Indonesia organized by the Medical Youth Research Club FM UNHAS. There were three branches of scientific competition competed on this national level, namely: Educational Video, Scientific Essay, and Public Poster. In addition, there were also two other branches of scientific competition competed on the international level, including: Literature Review and Research Paper Congress. To be a finalist and compete in Makassar, all participants must pass the first stage selection which is carried out strictly by the committee. Of the hundreds of works that submitted from all over Indonesia, only ten finalists were chosen for each branch.

This year, the presented theme by HSF is: “Ophthalmology: Increase Awareness and Treatment of Ophthalmology Diseases through a Holistic Approach of Healthcare”. The FM UII delegation successfully passed the finalists for the Literature Review, Research Paper Congress, and Educational Video section. Assessment was done by oral presentation in front of the jury. Competition in the final stage is very tense with the competitors coming from various best universities in Indonesia, such as Gadjah Mada University, Sebelas Maret University, Sriwijaya University, Udayana University, and UNHAS as the host.

The FM UII delegation presented a work entitled “Overcoming Cataracts, Realizing the Rights Equality to See Optimally”. According to Alfian, one of the FM UII team members of Educational Video, the conception of the work was motivated by public’s lack of understanding about cataracts, which led to a high number of cataracts incidence in Indonesia.

“The purpose of making this video is to provide an understanding to the Indonesian people about cataracts, so that people are aware of and take preventive action to reduce the cataracts incidence in Indonesia,” Alfian explained. (dsh/Tri)