Imunisasi, Halal atau Haram?

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Explore Medical World, Expand Knowledge

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Some members of Marcom Students (Marketing Comunication) ready to serve in the event MEDEX (Medical Expo) 2017 Faculty of Medicine UII
Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII – As in previous years, Student Executive Institute (LEM) Faculty of Medicine UII held Medical Expo (Medex) again. This activity is intended for Senior High School (SMA) in DIY-Central Java and surrounding areas. In addition, this activity aimed to introduce the world of medicine, especially how to become a medical student. This activity was held on Sunday, Shafar 25th, 1439 H/October 15th, 2017 at the Building of Public Lecture Prof. Sardjito, with a peseta of approximately 200 people. Medex this year took place with a very festive thanks to the presence of 2 gup band from the city of gudeg, namely Midsummer Mango and Illona ATSP.
This activity begins with a series of talkshows with experienced resource persons in the field. This talk show presents discussions about skin diseases, as well as various car to treat the skin, so as not to catch dangerous diseases that can attack anytime. In addition, participants can also visit several stands owned by students and Marcom (Marketing Comucation) FK UII which displays the results of his unit’s works.
Alternately, the participants were also invited to tour the entire laboratory of UII Medical Faculty consisting of physiology laboratory, parasitology, microbiology, biochemistry, histology, clinical pantology, and Anatomy laboratory. Lab. Anatomy is a laboratory in the most eagerly awaited, because in it is held simulation of medical skill by UII Medical Faculty students. There is also a cadaver / corpse preserved. Though it sounds a little dreadful, the existence of cadaver is even a special attraction for the participants. Upon entering the Lab. Anatomy, participants gain many unforgettable new experiences. They can also learn how it feels to be a medical student.Farah

Materi Seminar dan Workshop Imunisasi

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Build a Good Partnership with BPJS KC Surakarta

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Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII –Expanding the relationship between fellow, is one of the behaviors that are strongly encouraged in Islam. Because in the relationship, there are many benefits that can be obtained, such as familiarize the relationship between human beings and expand sustenance. Therefore, on Thursday, Muharram 22nd, 1439 H / October 12nd, 2017 Faculty of Medicine UII went to the office of Social Security Administering Agency (BPJS) KC Surakarta.
In addition to stay in touch, FK UII intends to invite BPJS Branch Office (KC) Surakarta establish practical cooperation for students and apprentices of young doctors or popular term co-ass. This event was attended by 4 representatives from FKUII, dr. Nur Aisyah Jamil, M.Sc., dr. Pariawan Luthfi Ghazali, M.Kes., Dr. Sunarto, dr. Sani Rachman Soleman, M.Sc. and Syukriyani Rochmawati. Their presence was welcomed by Khoirur Rosidi as head of the field of participation and service participants BPJS KC Surakarta
This cooperation is expected to develop and improve the quality of secondary education education clinic doctors in the BPJS KC. Because the students are able to learn directly in the relevant institutions, here they can carry out the practice directly in field. Although within not too long a time, but dingkat is considered effective for absorbing new science from off campus. In a couple time, staff of Faculty of medicine will be regularly evaluation once a year. This evaluation so that the co-ass graduates FK UII who participate in studying BPJS KC Magelang can be a professional youth doctor and being nice to everyone.Farah

The Easiest Way to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Yogyakarta, Faculty of medicine UII – In addition to factories and hospitals, laboratory also became one of the places that produced waste. After carrying out practical in the laboratory, the waste becomes a problem that must be addressed in a laboratory. After carrying out practical, students and professors are not infrequently encountered various waste, ranging from waste that can dissolve in water to waste containing hazardous materials and toxic . Sewage treatment is good, certainly can minimize the laboran contracted the diseases caused by the waste that is generated. So that why Faculty of Medicine UII held a workshop on waste treatment in the laboratory for their lecturers. This activity was held on Wednesday, Muharram 14th, 1439 H / October 04th, 2017 in Auditorium Faculty of Medicine UII at 12.00 a.m – 4.00 p.m.

In this event, Faculty of Medicine UII in collaboration with waste water treatment Installations (IPAL) General Hospital Center (was) Dr Sardjito. Beginning with the introduction of this type of Waste And sewage treatment Flow Laboratory the laboratory submitted by Agung Budi Sapto Nugroho, S.T. waste management is divided into some discussion of subject matter, ranging from liquid waste and solid waste, up to B3 and non-B3. Not only that, the participants also obtained independent way of waste treatment to third parties together with Nur Farichah, S.K.M.

Handling of waste aims to reduce the risk of exposure to waste against the germs that cause diseases that might be in the waste, by means of neutralizing the content of hazardous substances and toxic. Through a variety of methods that have been passed on the experts of the IPAL was Dr Sardjito, expected future waste treatment can be done properly, so it does not pollute the environment FK UII.Farah

Forensic Building Inauguration


Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII – Building Forensics Bhayangkara Police Hospital Yogyakarta was completed on 14th of Muharram 1439 / 04th October 2017 has been unveiled by Kapolda DIY. The inauguration event was held at 9.00 am – 1.00 pm at the Bhayangkara Hospital environment. The event was attended by members and officers of the National Police of the Republic Indonesia (KNRI) Yogyakarta, this event was also attended by UII Rector Nandang Sutrisno, S.H., LL. M., M.Hum., Ph.D. who gave his speech. In his speech, He hopes in the future of this development can support the performance of forensicdoctors and police in Yogyakarta.

The event was started with prayer readings which followed the opening remarks of the head of the Hospital (Karumkit) Bhayangkara Police Hospital DIY, Rector of the UII, Chairman of the SMEC, Kapusdokkes Police and Kapolda DIY. After the signing ceremony of the handover of the forensic building from UII Rector, Yogyakarta Police Chief Brigadier General Ahmad Dofiri signed an inscription for the inauguration of the Forensic Building and inaugurated the development of the Eye Polyclinic. Forensic Building inauguration was marked with ribbon cutting by the Kapusdokkes Police.

“This is a grant from the UII. So not only in the General Hospital Center dr Sardjito, the current forensic activities could be done here, “said Karumkit Police Bhayangkara DIY Theresia Lindawatiusai after the inauguration of the building of the forensic Police Bhayangkara Hospital Yogyakarta

At the end of the event, participants shared photos of the inauguration in the Forensic Building and backyard Bhayangkara Hospital. This ended with the inauguration prayer dzuhur and lunch together at the mosque Istiqomah.


Cooperation between FK UII and BPJS KC Magelang

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Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII – Faculty of Medicine UII partnership with the social security governing body (BPJS) KC Magelang on Tuesday, Muharram 13th, 1439 H/ October 03rd, 2017 in Magelang. Partnership practice for a student internship doctor UII FK young or popularity as known as co-ass. This partnership signed by representatives of both parties, they are the Dean FK UII Dr. Linda Rosita, M. Kes, Sp.PK and head of the BPJS KC Surmiyati Magelang, S.K.M., M.P.H., AAK. The signing of this agreement was also attended by some representatives from the two sides as a witness.

This cooperation is expected to develop and improve the quality of secondary education education clinic doctors in the BPJS KC. Because the students are able to learn directly in the relevant institutions, here they can carry out the practice directly in field. Although within not too long a time, but dingkat is considered effective for absorbing new science from off campus. In a couple time, staff of Faculty of medicine will be regularly evaluation once a year. This evaluation so that the co-ass graduates FK UII who participate in studying BPJS KC Magelang can be a professional youth doctor and being nice to everyone.

Good Relationship with Outing Together

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Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII – The busyness of daily activity make employees Faculty of Medicine UII bored. For that they spent time together as long as 3 days for religious trips once a year. Participants depart together on Friday night (29/09) at Tugu Station and arrived in Bandung the next day. The main destination of the trip was Daarut Tauhiid boarding schools, Bandung. Boarding school that has stood since September 4, 1990, established by KH. Abdullah Gymnastiar or familiar accosted Aa’ Gym. Ustadz who have a unique style in delivering Da’wah made FK UII interested to studied Islam at the Islamic boarding school he founded.

After take a bath and breakfast, Saturday morning (30/09) the participants learn Kewirausaahan Islam together with Ustadz Mumuh Abdul Muhyi, M.Pd., in the Daarut Tauhiid Hall. In the afternoon, participants got a thematic study of parenting. To make a conducive situation, men and women were separated. Male worshipers filled by Ustadz Jamaludin, S.Pd.I., while worshipers women together with Ustadzah Ninih Muthmainnah as speaker. To end the day’s activities, the participants returned following the thematic study but this time discussing management conscience along with Ustad Ahmad Qomarudin.

On the last day, they could met Aa’ Gym face to face. After all participants goes to Darus Sunnah boarding schools accompanied by Aa’ Gym. Shared moments he also concludes with a study of lottery results dzuhur prayers in congregation and dzuhur. Besides relieving tired after and began working throughout the day, from morning until dusk approaches each day. The activities of the eight is expected to progressively foster a sense of solidarity and building ukhuwah fellowship.


Basic Emergency Medical Support Training

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Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII –Emergency training basically is one of health care’s efforts to improve the efforts developed countermeasures sufferers emergency both in everyday circumstances or in case of a disaster. The State of emergency could happen anytime, to anyone and anywhere. These conditions demand the readiness of health workers to anticipate these events.

This activity was held on 26-27 1438 Dzulhijah H/18-19 September 2017 at Auditorium of UII Medical Faculty floor 1st, Clinic Department Session Room and old 4th floor OSCE room. This event brings the theme of “Basic Life Support”. In accordance with the themes that carried, this activity conveys a wide range of materials to meet the participants ability which is the employee educational Faculty of medicine UII as non medical personnel in medical education in order to better responds to solve an accident in the environment. This is very beneficial for the participants, moreover the location of UII campus located on the slopes of Mount Merapi is very vulnerable to the coming of nature, especially the volcano erupted.

Together with doctors from the Faculty of Medicine UGM and lecturers of the Faculty of Medicine UII, students get various materials that are very useful such as Basic Life Support and Heart Stop and Heart Resuscitation. Heart Resuscitation or better known as CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is actually a very important first aid when a person is no longer breathing but his heart is still beating, although not constant, such a condition is called clinical death. A quick and precise CPR handling may help a person / patient regain breathing before biological death. Therefore, in this activity also takes the basic medical skills and post test to know how far the participants understand the material has been delivered. In addition, evacuation and transportation simulations are also carried out. Because medical personnel are not always placed in hospitals in urban areas with complete facilities and transportation. So they are taught how to make an emergency stretcher by utilizing the existing tools in the environment.

The purpose of this event is to expand the basic medical skills of UII medical students to be more skilled in emergency handling and quick response if necessary at any time to assist victims in the surrounding environment.