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Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII – The busyness of daily activity make employees Faculty of Medicine UII bored. For that they spent time together as long as 3 days for religious trips once a year. Participants depart together on Friday night (29/09) at Tugu Station and arrived in Bandung the next day. The main destination of the trip was Daarut Tauhiid boarding schools, Bandung. Boarding school that has stood since September 4, 1990, established by KH. Abdullah Gymnastiar or familiar accosted Aa’ Gym. Ustadz who have a unique style in delivering Da’wah made FK UII interested to studied Islam at the Islamic boarding school he founded.

After take a bath and breakfast, Saturday morning (30/09) the participants learn Kewirausaahan Islam together with Ustadz Mumuh Abdul Muhyi, M.Pd., in the Daarut Tauhiid Hall. In the afternoon, participants got a thematic study of parenting. To make a conducive situation, men and women were separated. Male worshipers filled by Ustadz Jamaludin, S.Pd.I., while worshipers women together with Ustadzah Ninih Muthmainnah as speaker. To end the day’s activities, the participants returned following the thematic study but this time discussing management conscience along with Ustad Ahmad Qomarudin.

On the last day, they could met Aa’ Gym face to face. After all participants goes to Darus Sunnah boarding schools accompanied by Aa’ Gym. Shared moments he also concludes with a study of lottery results dzuhur prayers in congregation and dzuhur. Besides relieving tired after and began working throughout the day, from morning until dusk approaches each day. The activities of the eight is expected to progressively foster a sense of solidarity and building ukhuwah fellowship.


pelatiha karyawan

Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII –Emergency training basically is one of health care’s efforts to improve the efforts developed countermeasures sufferers emergency both in everyday circumstances or in case of a disaster. The State of emergency could happen anytime, to anyone and anywhere. These conditions demand the readiness of health workers to anticipate these events.

This activity was held on 26-27 1438 Dzulhijah H/18-19 September 2017 at Auditorium of UII Medical Faculty floor 1st, Clinic Department Session Room and old 4th floor OSCE room. This event brings the theme of “Basic Life Support”. In accordance with the themes that carried, this activity conveys a wide range of materials to meet the participants ability which is the employee educational Faculty of medicine UII as non medical personnel in medical education in order to better responds to solve an accident in the environment. This is very beneficial for the participants, moreover the location of UII campus located on the slopes of Mount Merapi is very vulnerable to the coming of nature, especially the volcano erupted.

Together with doctors from the Faculty of Medicine UGM and lecturers of the Faculty of Medicine UII, students get various materials that are very useful such as Basic Life Support and Heart Stop and Heart Resuscitation. Heart Resuscitation or better known as CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is actually a very important first aid when a person is no longer breathing but his heart is still beating, although not constant, such a condition is called clinical death. A quick and precise CPR handling may help a person / patient regain breathing before biological death. Therefore, in this activity also takes the basic medical skills and post test to know how far the participants understand the material has been delivered. In addition, evacuation and transportation simulations are also carried out. Because medical personnel are not always placed in hospitals in urban areas with complete facilities and transportation. So they are taught how to make an emergency stretcher by utilizing the existing tools in the environment.

The purpose of this event is to expand the basic medical skills of UII medical students to be more skilled in emergency handling and quick response if necessary at any time to assist victims in the surrounding environment.


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Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII – Having health and safety are some crucial thing for employees when they were did their job. Therefore, last month the Faculty of medicine UII hold a workshop of health and safety in the laboratory.
This successful event was on Saturday, Dzulhijah 25th, 1438 H / September 16th, 2017 at the Laboratory of Histology.In an activity that lasted for approximately 6 hours the Faculty of Medicine UII invites one of the experts from the Lab. Eijkman, she is Indah Delima. Eijkman is a government research institute which is engaged in molecular biology and medical biotechnology. This institution is shelter under the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Technology.Eijkman is a Government Research Institute which is engaged in the field of molecular biology and biotechnology in medicine. This agency is under the Ministry of higher education, research and technology.
The participants gets some material that become the main discussion. First, Indah Delima convey how to identification and control of hazards in the laboratory group. When the time in the lab, the first thing to be aware of applicable tools self-protection (APD). Choosing the right APD, can be very helpful in when started working in the laboratory. As one of them using gloves latex/rubber glove selection, this is useful to protect the hands from the the chemicals directly. In a lab practical, not allowed to use cloth gloves because it can absorb liquid chemical substances that cause scratchy hands, allergic and blister.
She also delivered a material about the ergonomic laboratory and personal protective equipment as well as laboratory safety plans and procedures work accident Handling in the laboratory. HSE aims to avoid, reduce, even nullifying the risk of accidents that can happen only when the time Chart in the laboratory.

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Berikut kami sampaikan Nilai Remediasi Semester Genap 2016/2017 yang dapat diunduh di tautan di bawah ini

  1. Yudisium Remediasi 1.4
  2. Yudisium Remediasi 1.5 (rev 12/09)
  3. Yudisium Remediasi 1.6
  4. Yudisium Remediasi 1.7
  5. Yudisium Remediasi 2.4
  6. Yudisium Remediasi 2.5
  7. Yudisium Remediasi 2.6
  8. Yudisium Remediasi 2.7
  9. Yudisium Remediasi 3.4
  10. Yudisium Remediasi 3.5
  11. Yudisium Remediasi 3.6

Nilai Remidiasi MKU (update 12/09)

  1. Yudisium Remediasi KWU
  2. Yudisium Remediasi SKI
  3. Yudisium Remediasi Ulil Albab 2016

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Caption : Wakil Dekan FK UII, dr. Syaefudin Ali Akhmad, M.Sc saat menghantarkan 5 mahasiswa FK UII untuk mengikuti perkuliahan blok Elektif di Cyberjaya University of College Medical Sciences, Malaysia.

Kaliurang (UII News) – Guna memperluas networking dan koneksi dengan budaya akademik masyarakat global maka kegiatan perkuliahan semester ganjil Tahun Ajaran 2017/2018, Kedokteran UII kembali mengirimkan 5 mahasiswanya untuk mengikuti pertukaran mahasiswa (student exchange) untuk mengikuti proses pembelajaran dalam blok elektif Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) selama 1 bulan di CUCMS.

Adapun kelima mahasiswa kedokteran tersebut adalah Inge Nolia Purwita Siwi (013711127), Fajar tri Mudianto (14711029), Ammalia RAchmi (14711065), Rachmat Aryadi Bimanjaya (14711159), Widaya Kharisma Cahya Putra (14711171).

Hal tersebut disampaikan oleh Wakil Dekan FK UII, dr. Syaefudin Ali Akhmad, M.Sc pada hari Senin, 13 Dzulhijjah 1438 H / 04 Sepetmeber 2017 sepulang mengantarkan kelima mahasiswa Kedokteran UII untuk mengikuti pertukaran mahassiswa antara FK UII dengan Cyberjaya University of College Medical Sciences (CUCMS),Malaysia.

“Cyberjaya University of College Medical Sciences (CUCMS),Malaysia sendiri sebagai univesitas swasta yang bervisi keislaman memiliki tujuan mendidik tenaga kesehatan dokter farmasi dan ahli homeopathic yang sesuai dengan nilai islam.”, ungkap dokter Udin.

Selema di CUCMS Malaysia, maahasiswa Kedokteran UII akan mengikuti proses pembelajaran mula dari tutorial, kuliah dan praktikum dalam bahasa inggris serta mengikuti ujian blok di CUCMS. Pada akhirnya mereka akan mendapatkan nilai dengan transfer kredit.

Diakhir pertemuan dokter Udin mengharapkan dari CUCMS Malaysia segera mengirimkan mahasiswanya ke FK UII untuk belajar dalam beberapa bulan sehingga ada sharing pengalaman yang saling menguntungkan., demikian tambahnya. Wibowo/Tri

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Kami sampaikan informasi kepada civitas academica Fakultas Kedokteran UII bahwa terdapat Jurnal Nasional Terakreditasi Fakultas Kedokteran sebagai berikut.

1 Paediatrika Indonesiana
8 Jurnal Pendidikan Kedokteran
9 jurnal anestesi perioperatif
10 Traditional medicine Journal
11 Jurnal Of the Medical Sciences
12 Media Kesehatan Masyarakat Indonesia
13 Jurnal Gizi dan Pangan
16 Jurnal Anestesiologi Indonesia
17 Jurnal Kedokteran brawijaya
18 medical journal of Indonesia
19 Oto Rhino Laryngologica Indonesiana jurnal
20 Jurnal Anestasi Perioperatif
21 Jurnal NERS
22 Indonesian Journal of Clinical Pathology and Medical Laboratory
23 Paediatrica Indonesiana
24 Jurnal Kardiologi Indonesia
25 Berkala Ilmu Kesehatan Kulit dan Kelamin (BIKKK): Periodical of Dermatology and Venereology
26 The Indonesian Journal of Gastroenterology Hepatology and Digestive Endoscopy
27 Indonesian Journal of Tropical and Infectious Disease
28 Jurnal Gizi Klinik Indonesia
29 The Indonesian Biomedical Journal
30 Kesmas : Jurnal Kesehatan Masyarakat
31 Sari Pediatri


Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII –Eid Adha is a highly awaited day by Muslims all over the world. To celebrate Eid Adha of the year, Faculty of Medicine UII was held a social service in Hamlet Pandak, Wijrejo, Pandak, Bantul on 09th Dzulhijah 1438 .Together with Pandak health center, Faculty of Medicine wants to share with the less fortunate people in Pandak.

This event took place with great fanfare preceded the performance of the Pandak’s hadroh. In addition dr. Edi Fitrianto, M. Gizi., also provides health education to the society, especially for the elderly. He also delivered a few tips to stay healthy. One of them are keeping the intake of nutrients everyday. Because, the food we eat are very influential body for health. Good foods for a good life.

In addition to increase public awareness of environmental hygiene will be around, held the race hygiene between RT which starts in a few days before the event be held. When the assessment process, the jury almost confused to determine the winner because the thin skore difference. Even after the total value calculated, there are 2 RT have equal value. However, there is still only one lucky winner who gets a prize of cash of Rp.700.000, 00 that is RT 01.

Together with the doctors of the Faculty of Medicine UII, dr. Kuntari Point, MPH, dr. Novyan Lusiyana, M.Sc, dr. Edi Fitrianto, M. Gizi., and dr. Alifa held a medical examination. Examination of the health that is done is the measurement of blood pressure and blood pressure, and uric acid. Along with health checks, residents can also redeem the coupons that have been distributed to the low-cost grocery market that also enliven the series of events.



Yogyakarta, Faculty of Medicine UII –Faculty of Medicine UII signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with University of South Asia on Wednesday, July 30, 2017. The University of South Asia is one of the private universities in Bangladesh. This cooperation was established due to concerns about the high rate of persons with disabilities in children in Bangladesh through a seminar held at the UII Medical Faculty’s 1st floor auditorium. In this activity, Faculty of Medicine UII arrival of guest lecturer from University of South Asia that is Prof. Mohammad Muhit.

This activity has the theme “Epidemiology of Childhood Disability in a LMIC Country: for research to practice”. In this seminar Prof. Mohammad Muhit conveyed various backgrounds that led to the rise of people with disabilities in children in Bangladesh. He also said that people with disabilities are mostly only 6-10 years old. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 13% have more than one disabilities. This percentage does not include patients with mild and moderate disturbances. He also discusses various methods and handling solutions that have been implemented to tackle disability in Bangladesh, especially in some areas of Rajshahi such as Sirajganj, Natore and Bogra. One of the prevention measures that has been done is to provide counseling about the difabilitas in children. In addition, also open a discussion forum with dr. Pariawan Lutfi Ghazali, M.Kes., as a moderator.

It was a pride for the Faculty of Medicine UII to establish cooperation with one of the leading universities in Bangladesh. Because not all faculties have the same opportunity. More benefits can be made with the implementation of this event. Therefore, in order to tighten the bonds and broaden the horizons between universities.As soon as possible next year the event will be held again.