The development of student organization within the Faculty of Medicine started to expand along with the Dean order to establish Dewan Angkatan 2001 (2001 Student Council) toward student of the year 2001. The establishment of Dewan Angkatan 2001 was an attempt to facilitate students’ aspirations, activities and information updates among themselves and to initiate an effective way of communication to all the faculty leaders. Pursuant to the intention, the students agree to held an election under the supervision of KPU (General Election Commission) led by Rahadian Beny. The election resulted in the first Student Council and Alfan Nur was the chosen chairman.

Presidium Era

Regardless of the Student Council establishment post the students’ election, the council is yet to get the official recognition as part of the Keluarga Mahasiswa UII (UII collegiate fraternity). Considering the various activities conduct by the students it raises demand for the establishment of a legitimate body. The purpose of the demand is to effectively facilitate students’ aspiration towards the university management as well as the tools to update the faculty development. On 15 May 2002, a Presidium KPU (General Election Commission) consist of 13 members led by Herdhana S was established to conduct another  students’ election (PEMILWA) on 24 and 28 May 2002 based  on a Letter of Decree issued by Dewan Permusyawaratan Mahasiswa Universitas Islam Indonesia/DPM UII (Students Consultative Council) No.VIII/TAP/DPMU-UII/V/2002. Through this students’ election, it resulted in the 4 chosen Presidium Council namely Wirawan Hanindito W, Nasrah Anastasia Anjani, Pandang Tedy A, and Hari P. Later on these Presidium Council members are inaugurated by Anshor Sholeh (the chairman of DPM UII of 2000-2002 serving period) through DPM UII Letter of Decree No. VIIII/TAP/DPMU-UII/V/2002.


Three years after the inauguration of Presidium Council, the ad hoc council is now officially inaugurated as Students Consultative Council (DPM) and Lembaga Eksekutif Mahasiswa/LEM (Students Executive Body) through DPM UII Letter of Decree No.8/SK/DPM UII/VIII/2005. Following the decision, on May 2005, the students went through another Medical students’ election to choose their first board of DPM FK UII. The result of the election came out with nine legislative members namely Kiki Widyastuti, Agus Rovikul Anwar, Muhammad Sarwansyah, Harry Purnama Putra, Adrian Taufik, Afina Rahma, Andrianor Rahman, Eka Rosmarini Sariwulan and Henny Cloridina. The chosen Medical students’ representative along with several other students then held their first General Meeting on Sunday, 12 June 2005. The meeting formulates several important decisions such as: determining the member of DPM Faculty of Medicine UII and Agus Rovikul Anwar shall be the delegation of DPM to place the position as the chairman of LEM Faculty of Medicine UII. The inauguration of DPM Faculty of Medicine UII by DPM UII was held on13 June 2005 as well as the ceremonial commencement of a new DPM Faculty of Medicine UII from the previous Presidium council. Finally, on July 2005 there is a recruitment of LEM Faculty of Medicine UII member led by the chairman.